Now get qualified from PRINCE2 and benefit your career by the various courses available. There are many institutes in London that provide these courses to you by special expert training and guidance. As we know, project management has become a major subject globally. Seeking career in this area may turn out to be your biggest success factor today. Moreover, to enhance an individual’s ability in project management PRINCE2 courses have been introduced.

PRINCE2 courses make sure that the candidate has not only qualified the exam but also gained the accurate knowledge that would make him a good Project Manager in an organisation. After completing Prince2 course you are motivated to become a good project manager and advance your knowledge to a level which no other courses can provide.

Basically, PRINCE2 offers 3 courses which are project based and helps the student to think, analyse and reciprocate in the same manner on these projects. It is the ideal opportunity to have a grip to your projects and handle them more accurately. There are 3 courses available according to PRINCE2 Curriculum:


The FOUNDATION COURSE offers you the detailed study of the projects and how to handle them effectively. It is overview of PRINCE2 and the seven modules underpinning it. It explains you the normal resource hierarchy and new ideas to deal with it. It also sets out responsibilities that are required by a candidate to be a good Project Manager in the near future. Also, these courses offer you principles to promote good practices.


The PARTITIONER COURSE offers you the seven principles to its core. Unlike the foundation course the partitioner courses also provide overview on customer and supplier relationship. Also, these courses have definite objectives and goals to meet the consumer targets. This also helps in the management of the tolerance and acceptance in a project based environment.


The WEEKEND COURSE has been specially designed for busy professionals who find difficulty in completing such courses on a regular basis. PRINCE2 provides special weekend batches to complete their knowledge and qualification in a Project Management course.

You can easily find a good educational center to complete your PRINCE2 education online. There are various institutions waiting to enrol you. Therefore, to excel and have a recognised qualification go through the curriculum of the institutes and choose the course according to your convenience.